Get ghost layers for volume

What are ghost layers?
Also known as “invisible layers”, the hot new trend is the perfect hair cut for you if you’re not ready or keen to go dramatic with your hair.
This type of cut is used to create volume and texture in the hair without losing length, so it’s an ideal style for long haired beauties who don’t want to part with their mane but are looking for a freshen up.
ghost layers
The technique itself involves cutting the hair at an angle to create soft layering.
This soft layering is pretty subtle, hence “ghost” layers. The layers will create dimension without changing the shape of the hair.
ghost layers
What type of hair would ghost layers suit?
If you’ve got fine hair, ghost layers are an effective way of adding volume and texture.
If you’ve got thicker, curlier hair, you may want to avoid ghost layers as they do give the illusion of thicker and fuller hair, which you already have in abundance!
How to style ghost layers

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