Get rid of split ends once and for all

UGH split ends are like, the bane of our hair's existence!
Caused by an array of different environmental factors, split ends can strip your hair of that gorgeous shine we are all in longing pursuit of.
Some of these factors include:
- Heating tools
- Chemical treatments and colour
- Excessive brushing or drying
Alright. So if you've looked at that list and gone "uh oh, I do all three", do not fear. We have here a selection of ways you can stop split ends in their tracks.
1. Do not brush your hair in the shower unless you're using a wet brush or wide tooth comb. (Hello Tangle Teezer!)
2. "Towel dry" your hair with a microfibre towel, pillowcase or old T-shirt - and when you're doing this, don't rub your hair. Instead, gently scrunch with the fabric.
3. Towel and air dry your hair as much as you can before taking to it with a blow dryer. This minimises the amount of time your hair suffers under heat.
4. Use a heat protectant on your hair before blow drying and styling. For example, De Lorenzo's Thermal Shield.
5. Don't use heat styling over 180 degrees. Higher = more damage.
6. Repair masks = best friend. Get your hair a dose or 10 of the K18 hair mask, which literally connects broken keratin chains.
Your homework is to go and try a few (or all) of these methods... See if this makes a difference!

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