Give yourself a salon style blow-out at home

Dat 90s style blow-out is back, baby. You know the one. Think Rachel Green circa season 3 of Friends.
Think Renee Zellweger circa Empire Records.
Think Ginger Spice in the Spice Girls.
You get the gist.
Anyway, here's how you can get yourself the look without setting foot in a salon.
Step 1.
The best time to style your hair is generally around 24 hours ATFTER a wash. So wash your hair the day before you want the style for best results.
Use a good bond repair shampoo & conditioner duo - like De Lorenzo's Prescriptive Solutions Intensive Moisture Repair.
Step 2.
Dry your hair. BUT BEFORE YOU DO: APPLY THERMAL SHIELD. This, all hairdressers would agree, is a must-not-skip-lest-you-ruin-your-hair step.
Step 3.
Style time. First, prep your hair with a styling spray like Redken Guts 10.
Then, using your styling tool - EG. the GHD Professional Smart Styler, or a larger plated styling tool - take sections of hair and curl away from your face. Twist each curl to maintain bounce.
Step 4.
Gently brush through your curls and apply a hold/volume spray like our Eco Style Project hairspray and voila! You're good to go, honey.

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