Glass hair, don't care

Ok so this glass hair trend is literally taking over social media feeds across the world.
So how on earth do you get your hair to be THIS silky smooth? We actually found out, and it's pretty simple.
For those who don't know - glass hair is as it sounds - hair with a glassy texture - silky and smooth.
Here's a step by step breakdown on how to achieve your glassiest hair.
Step 1. Wash your hair
The sooner you've washed your hair, the more of a glass effect you'll be able to achieve. If you really want to make your hair sing, we recommend using a detox cleansing system. IE. L'Oreal's Metal Detox, shampoo and conditioner.
Step 2. Dry your hair
And while you're at it, before you apply any heat, get some heat protectant - we recommend De Lorenzo's Heat Protectant Argan Oil. For best results, we recommend a smooth blow-dry.
Step 3. Get your straightener 
Using a straightening iron - such as your GHD perhaps? Straighten very fine sections of your hair. For a truly glassy look, brush each section and follow the brush down the hair section with the straightener.
Step 4. Finish with a shine/anti-frizz serum
Gently run the serum through your hair and smooth down any fly aways. Redken's Shine Flash is always a winner.

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