Glycerol for your hair's ultimate moisture kick

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Do you struggle with hydration for your hair?
Dry, brittle hair got you down?
We'd like to introduce you to glycerol.
Sounds kinda scary, but we assure you it's quite the opposite.
Glycerol is found in natural fats and fatty oils, and it plays a key role in metabolic processes.
It is used for hydration in skin and hair products due to its water-binding properties.
Using a glycerol infused system for your hair care routine will ensure max hydration levels without weighing the hair down.
Schwarzkopf's new Bonacure Moisture Kick range centres around glycerol.
Here's a breakdown:
Gently cleanses and moisturises hair without SLS/SLES Sulphates, silicones or artificial colourants.
Apply the hair cleanser to wet hair. Work in and rinse thoroughly.
glycerol shampoo
Weightless moisture which also acts as a detangler, improving elasticity and manageability.
Apply the conditioner to towel-dried hair and work in. Rinse thoroughly after 2 mins.
Glycerol conditioner
A leave-in conditioner designed to give your hair an instant moisture injection.
Shake well. Spray the leave-in conditioner in sections to towel-dried hair. Do not rinse. Style as usual.
glycerol conditioner
Rich and intense moisture mask to help retain hair's optimal hydration level.
Apply the hydrating hair treatment to towel-dried hair and work in. Leave in for up to 10 mins. Rinse thoroughly.
glyerol mask

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