Hair cuts that'll make your fine hair look fuller

thin hair
Frustrated by fine or thin hair that you just can't get big?!
When you struggle with flat hair, it turns out that the shape of your cut is everything.
We present you with a plethora of hair cuts that will make thin, limp hair look full and voluminous.
The classic or blunt bob
Try sweeping the hair to the side with a deep side part to get some extra volume. Tousles or waves through the hair also creates movement.
Try this:
blunt bob
The lob
A textured lob might be the ticket if you're keen for versatility, and can give the illusion of fullness.
Try this:
Wolf cut
Dramatic layers can give the hair a boost of volume.
Try this:
wolf cut
The bixie (where the pixie and the bob become one) traditionally has lots of choppy layers that create a thickness.
Try this:

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