Hair prep for Spring

spring hair
Guys, Winter is pretty much over. Spring is about to, well, spring!
This means we can start dusting off the day dresses and putting away the thermals. Happy days.
It also means we need to get our hair ready for the change in temperature, to welcome to sun.
Spring's impact on your hair
Those with finer and/or frizzier hair tend to struggle at this time of the year, while the scalp can also become more greasy, creating flatness.
How to change from Winter to Spring haircare
Firstly, if you're planning to go lighter as the weather warms up, make damn sure your locks are pristine.
Winter tends to dry hair out and cause damage, so we'd recommend rehabilitating your strands before sitting down to a head of foils.
A few suggestions, if we may:
dry hair
Styling your hair
As we launch into the warmer months, you may want to consider a natural texture when styling your hair, while integrating anti-frizz products to help with those pesky flyaways.
Exhibit A, B and C:
dry  texture
frizz dismiss

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