Have You Been Applying Your Skincare Products In The Wrong Order?


Exfoliate, cleanse, tone, moisturise, … There are so many steps in our day-to-day skincare routines it can become an overwhelming process for some.

In experience, I would apply an eye cream before sleep and discovered that I was applying it incorrectly. The way I was applying the treatment may have hindered its ability to effectively work – possibly the reason my eyes resembles dark circles.


The following steps will help give your skin the best chance of achieving the results you’re after. You don’t necessarily need to do the following every night, however on the nights you do, these will help your products work effectively.


If you like to use cleansing oil to remove your make up, apply this to dry skin first. Otherwise, if you prefer to use makeup wipes, begin this process to get rid of most of your makeup and any additional dirt and oil build-up you’ve accumulated throughout the day.


Next, it’s time to cleanse. Some may be surprised to know that the first step often doesn’t remove everything, therefore its important to follow up with a cleanser to help lift any make-up, dirt or oil left behind. It’s not necessary but, some people prefer to do a double cleanse, I wouldn’t recommend doing this all the time if you do as it may dry your skin out.


 Chances are if you don’t exfoliate on a weekly basis your skin is covered in dry dead skin cells, not only leaving your face looking dull but also older. On the contrary, if you exfoliate too often you can tear and irritate the skin. It’s all about balance, we recommend once a week to twice a week max. When you do focus on the areas that need your attention. The general rule of thumb is to use circular motions around your T-Zone, your forehead, nose and chin area, then move lightly across to your cheeks and eye area.  

Note: without effective exfoliation, foundation won't cover your skin cleanly and moisturiser won't properly soak in.


A special face mask treatment is a great way to help you relax while helping to hydrate your skin, remove excess oils /impurities and help the appearance of your pores. After exfoliation, your skin is the most receptive to the properties of a mask provides. If you’re new to the face mask world, make sure you select a product that resembles the properties of your face, to achieve the best results.



Toning can be an underrated process but one we don’t recommend skipping if you can help it. Toning will help balance your skin’s pH levels, which will stabilize and calm the skin making it less prone to oiliness and infection. You will also notice that your skin will look and feel more vibrant and smoother in appearance.


Best delivered on clean skin is a lightweight moisturising agent that helps deliver active ingredients into your skin. After your serum has been applied wait about 5 minutes before moisturising to allow it to work effectively into the pores of your skin.

Note: Expensive serums aren’t always better, however they do often deliver quality and higher a concentration of ingredients.


You may still be a spring chicken but it’s important to start using an eye cream twice daily in your twenties. Start implementing this into a morning or night routine to help reduce the onset of dark circles, bags, saggy skin and wrinkles. When applying lightly tap the cream into the under eye to help bring the blood flow to the area and stimulate collagen for younger-looking skin.


Nobody wants to bring on aging, therefore, to prevent this we must make sunscreen a part of our daily routine. There are a couple of options here, you can apply sunscreen before your foundation or look for a moisturizer or foundation with at least 15+ SPF. Applying this daily will help avoid the onset of aged spots, freckles, and dangerous melanomas.


Skin hydration is almost the cherry on the top, be generous and don't forget about your neck and chest.


If this is your morning routine, now is the time to start applying your makeup.


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