Hello spring 2022 hair! Three trending styles

Guys, we made it. Winter is OVER.
Let's never speak of it again.
We're over here preparing for summer as the weather warms up.
As the warmth moves through, as too does a new host of hair trends!
Let's take a look at hair cuts that are taking the back half of 2022 by storm (or should be say, sun).
Medium length hair
1. Want volume? Medium length for the win
Medium length hair is a way to maximise volume but also manage your hair when you just need to throw it back or whatever. Also doubles as good beach hair, post swim.
The shag is nothing new, now - but many different takes on this trendy cut highlights the universal desire to frame the face. For that matter, just lots of layers in general are all the rage.
sleek bob
3. The sleek and shapely bob
Sharp and sleek bobs with a glassy finish seem to be a bit of a subtle up and coming trend.

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