Here’s how to do beauty the vegan way with Hair Gang

Looking for cruelty free hair and beauty care? You’ve come to the right place…

This here is your personal guide to vegan products (and they’re all right here for your purchasing pleasure).

If you’re looking to up your cruelty free game, Hair Gang has a long list of vegan hair and beauty products that are not only good for the animals and the environment, but good for you!

Rookie in the vegan space? This here is a guide to how to do beauty the animal friendly way.

Let's begin!


Some unsuspecting products actually pride themselves on their vegan selection… But you might not even realise!

Colour care

Nova Fusion by De LorenzoBet you didn’t know De Lorenzo was vegan! Now you can look after your colours with Nova Fusion and be guilt free...

L'Oreal Vitamino Resveratrol Shampoo - Yep, L'Oreal is all for the animals too!

Curl care

Clever Curl - These guys are all about keeping those curls healthy and hydrated… While keeping well clear of animal testing and product.

Clever Curl vegan


Everescents Organic Shampoo and Conditioner - They're toxin free and animal friendly.

NAK hydrate - Will lock in moisture the vegan way.

Nak Hydrate

Davroe Moisture Senses - This brand hangs its hat on being a vegan friendly operator.

Scalp Care

RPR Treat My Scalp - The way to go for vegan scalp care.


Peggy Sue lip exfoliant and conditioner - This duo will hydrate you right in the kisser, guilt free.

Model Rock’s fake lashes - Will give you the length you love without the help from animals.

Davroe skin range - These guys will tighten and plump, vegan style.

Davroe firming lotion

Glow by Beca - You can tan up without the guilt with Glow by Beca's tanning range.

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