How can I hydrate my hair?

dry hair
Dry hair is a common complaint for many.
Whether you chemically treat your hair, colour it, or perhaps you're simply prone to it, dry hair can be a pain in the backside.
Dry hair can lead to breakage, frizz and dull looking hair. And that's not what you want now is it?
What is the cause of dry hair?
Often it can be due to the elements - heat, wind, cold, swimming.
It can also come about with excessive hair washing or using nasty supermarket haircare products.
Frequent heat styling can also cause your hair to dry out.
How do you know if you have dry hair?
It'll probably come across as dull, it's less manageable and feels brittle and straw like to the touch. Often if your hair doesn't maintain a style, it can also mean your hair is lacking moisture.
So let's talk about how to fix it!
Here are a few ways you can inject moisture back into your locks.
1. Condition before washing
Have you heard of hair slugging? It's an overnight or few hours long technique where you put oil in your hair (for a natural oil, opt for coconut, but you could always use a hair care specific oil like KMS Moist Repair Hydrating Oil.
Wrap your hair in a sock or a scrunchie, and let the oil work its magic.
Then, wash your hair as normal.
2. Choose a moisturising shampoo
Schwarzkopf's Bonacure Moisture Kick Glycerol Shampoo is your man. Infused with glycerol, this shampoo is designed to inject moisture while removing dirt and impurities.
3. Condition after conditioning
A leave-in conditioner into damp hair after shampooing and conditioning will seal the moisture in. We like Sebastian's Potion 9 Leave-in Conditioner.
4.Serum up!
Between washes, try a repairing serum that will help keep nasties out and lock moisture in. Try Goldwell Dual Senses Rich Repair Serum.

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