How much product should you be using on your hair?

With all these amazing quality products, it’s hard sometimes not to want to put every single treatment, conditioner and masque in your hair, all at once, errrr day.
If that’s what you’re doing then STOP. Put down the conditioner, and walk away.
We’re here to tell you that you really don’t need millions of products, and you certainly don’t need half the bottle per wash.
Here’s a little run down of how to use products, how much product to use, and how many things you actually need to achieve your best hair day, every day.
Shampoo and Conditioner
Yep, obvi, we know. But it’s important that you know that you don’t need to SATURATE your hair with these two key products - a little goes a long way. And remember - use shampoo closer to the scalp, use conditioner towards the ends of your hair.
A shampoo and conditioner duo like De Lorenzo’s Prescriptive Solutions will sort you right out.
Leave-in conditioner
You really only need to be using a leave-in once, max twice per week. And you really only need a little blob in your hand to work through the ends. This stuff is really beneficial for any hair type, particularly coloured or chemically treated hair. We have HEAPS of amazing leave-ins, but you COULD start with say, Alfaparf’s Milano Semi Di Lino Moisture Nutritive Leave-in Conditioner.
Thermal shield
DON’T SKIP THIS STEP! - Make sure you spritz your hair with heat protectant before you apply any heat styling to it. Super important to make sure you don’t damage your hair with the elements. If you're into an organic, natural style of product, Everescents Organic Hair Care does a  heat protectant that's designed with the environment in mind.
So there you have it. Once you’re done with the above, it’s up to you if you’re in a styling kinda mood to put styling product in your hair.

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