How The Curly Girl Method Inspired the Start Of The Clever Curl Range

You may have noticed a swell of movement in your social media feed of late. A resurgence of the curly-haired among us, taking back our power and wearing our curls with pride. This is thanks to a radical and ground-breaking concept that has changed the way we manage our curly hair forever. 

The Curly Girl Method. Heard of it? We certainly have and are here to tell you that you need to know everything about it. Now. It will alter your perception of hair care and make you rethink how you deal with your curls.

What Is the Curly Girl Method? 

So, what exactly is all the fuss about? How has this hair trend taken over our socials and turned into a hair movement? And why has it been the recipient of so much big love? The Curly Girl Method, or the CGM, is a revolutionary concept in managing curly hair.
This idea was developed in 2001 by hairstylist Lorraine Massey and has since become popular worldwide.
In her bestselling book, Curly Girl: The Handbook, Massey details her tailored approach to hair care, designed specifically for naturally curly and naturally textured hair that has not been chemically or heat straightened. 
The method outlines the care and maintenance required to enhance the natural beauty of all types of curly hair without using synthetic or cosmetic treatments.
Massey discourages us from using shampoo. However, she concedes that this may be difficult for some, so she advises using only gentle, sulphate-free shampoo. If any at all.

The Clever Curl Inspiration

With such an innovative and transformational concept benefiting Curly Girls everywhere, the team at Clever Curl was inspired to join the movement in 2017 to lend a hand. Working closely with professional curl specialists and Curly Girl clients alike, they developed a range of products designed specifically to suit the characteristics and needs of curly hair. 
A huge bonus for the research and development team was the involvement of Curly Girl’s curl specialist, who was trained by Lorraine Massey herself! Tips and tricks were learned directly from the master and passed on to Clever Curl. 
And you are then incorporated into their range of curl products. It could not be more perfect! This means that you can be confident that the Clever Girl products will do what they claim – provide long-lasting moisture and incredible curl definition. 
As stated by Clever Curl themselves, “Curly hair is a beautiful and natural human feature that deserves to be admired and embraced.” And we couldn’t agree more!

From Curly Girl to Clever Curl

So, why not if you have curly hair and are not a Curly Girl? Clever Curl has made it so easy to maintain and enhance your natural Curl, and you can’t afford to give it a go. 
Hair Gang stock the full range of Clever Curl products, and we are happy to assist with any curl-related questions you may have. 
Check out the Clever Curl collection today and become a Curly Girl with Clever Curl from Hair Gang!


  • Hair Gang

    Hi Swati, Thanks so much for your question. Head to the Clever Curl range and then you’ll need to select a cleanser, conditioner, and styling product that you feel will best suit your hair and environment. Drying is also an essential part of the curly girl method! If you would like further information please email us and we can assist you further.

  • Swati

    Hello, I want to start curl method but don’t know where to strat.

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