How to build a hair care routine

hair care routine
So you've got your skincare routine down pat, but did you know a hair care routine is just as important, particularly if you crave shiny, silky and healthy locks?
So if you're looking for a sign to start a haircare routine... This is it.
The first thing you should know about a haircare routine is how often to do it.
Professionals recommend one to two times a week depending on your hair type.
If you have oily hair, it is recommended that you wash a bit more often than the usual recommendation.
Ok, without further ado...
What IS a good hair care routine?
wash hair
Shampooing is the first cog in your hair routine wheel.
Focus on your scalp when you are shampooing your hair.
Follow up with a conditioner, which you'll focus application more on the mid-lengths and ends.
Shampoo and conditioner recommendations depending on your hair type:
For oily hair:
For dandruff and scalp issues:
fresh mint shampoo conditioner
For dry or damaged hair
all soft
For blonde hair
blonde hair
For curly hair
curl wash
Once your hair is towel dried, the next step is to protect your locks with a thermal protectant.
A few of our favs:
This step ensures your hair is not only protected from the stress of heat styling tools, but also from the elements - sun, wind, pollution... Etc.
This step you can do before or after you've dried your hair.
We'd recommend a leave-in conditioner before you style, or an oil after you style.
Leave-in conditioners for moisture and repair:
Post-styling hydration oils:
A few extra tips for healthy hair to integrate into your hair care routine:
- Keep the water temperature mild - lukewarm water is best for your hair. Hotter water can dehydrate your hair and strip it of its natural oils, which causes damage.
- Regular hair cuts - Get your hair cut by a professional regularly to keep split ends at bay
- Limit heat styling tool use - Heat = damage. So the less you expose your hair to the heat, the better. Try and keep it to once per week, or buy a heat styling tool where you can adjust the temperature. EG Mermade Hair's 32mm Pro Waver.

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