How to do a salon quality face frame wave at home

We just found out how to get THAT front face framing look so you can DIY.
face frame pipsqueek
Image: @PipsqueekinSaigon
I dunno about you, but I always look at salon pics on Insta and Pinterest and think "HOW do they achieve that perfect face frame?".
There's more to it than meets the eye, but we've got all the secrets.
face frame kirsty ann
Section out your two front pieces on either side - up to you how much or little you use.
You want to get your straightener or curling iron (like this GHD Curve Classic Wand) and actually straighten down from the root all the way down to the eye brow before twisting out away from the face, then curl the rest as usual.
Once you've done both sides, LEAVE the ringlets as they are. Do not brush them out just yet. Get yourself a kink free clip (below) and actually pin the two pieces together at the forehead. This will help the hair cool and set in shape.
mermade kink free
Once the pieces have set (give it at least 10 minutes), take the clip out and dust in some volumising powder, then pull one piece up at a time and tease from about two inches away from the root, always TOWARDS the root (do not tease away from the root).
Using hair spray (Ahem... a bit like this one perhaps?), spray the top of each piece, then open them up and spray on the inside, too, while using your fingers to separate the ringlet to soften.
And presto! You have salon quality face frame.
Image: @Kirstyannehair

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