HURRY UP AND GROW! Tips to help your hair grow faster

You know that vibe when you’re between a short cut and the longer length you want, and you’re all super impatient and regretting cutting it short in the first place?
Yeah, that.
Well, we’re going to help you get out of that limbo phase quicker than you thought you’d be there, with these simple steps to stimulate faster hair growth.
Don’t wash your hair too often
Don’t over do the shampoo! - Why? You can strip your scalp of its natural oils which can lead to breakage and suppression of hair growth.
Don’t bleach your hair
Same same. We all know bleach can damage the hair - it’ll weaken the structure of the hair, which can lead to, you guessed it, breakage!
Try to avoid heat styling
Heat = damage. Always use a good heat protectant if you HAVE to style your hair with a tong or whatever.
Avoid extensions
Extensions can pull on the hair, leading to breakage. So while you might WANT longer hair ASAP, best wait for it to grow naturally.
Get your hair trimmed regularly
Nope, trimming your hair doesn’t not stimulate growth, but it does rid your hair of the split ends and damage, making way for healthy length.
Scalp massage
Where growth starts. Massage will help stimulate blood circulation, which is key to growth.
Healthy diet!
Making sure you get a good balanced diet with lots of vitamins and minerals will help stimulate hair growth.
Stress is the biggest enemy to growth… Or health in general. What combats stress? Meditation and mindfulness practice are key.

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