Kick chlorine's butt this summer with these healthy hair tips


Nothing like a dip in a pool to cool off in the summer months, ey?

Or perhaps you’re a keen swimmer, taking to the pool for some laps to get the heart rate pumping?

Either way, we’re sure you’ve attempted to avoid getting your hair wet for the fear of it getting dry, damaged or ruining your colour, thanks to chlorine.

Chlorine, which is used to keep the pool clean, is unfortunately also a bleaching agent.

It can really mess with the hair’s natural pigment and can leave you with a hint of green… Totes not what you want after spending a small fortune on your colour last week, right!?

It can also damage the cuticle of your hair leaving it dry and brittle, stripping your hair’s natural oils.

There is some good news though, you need not panic if you take the right precautions when it comes to chlorine.

Before getting in the pool, try these steps to save your hair from the green chlorine monster:

1. Wear a skimming cap.

Pretty gooby unfortunately, but a good one for the lap swimmers out there - will also keep the hair our of your face!

2. Put coconut oil or a leave-in conditioner through your hair

This will create a protective barrier around your locks so the chlorine doesn't seep through and wreck havoc.

3. Wet your hair before you go in the pool

If you wet your hair first, your hair will absorb the fresh water, limiting the chlorine absorption once you're in the pool.

If you don’t get a chance to do any or all of the above, the best option is to wash your hair straight away, and follow up with a hair mask, like the Affinage Miracle Repair Mask.

A great choice for a post-chlorine wash: KMS Moist Repair Shampoo & Conditioner duo.

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