Learn the lingo: phrases you need before your next salon appointment

Do you ever go to the hairdressers and get lost in a sea of hairdressing jargon while trying to communicate what sort of hair cut or colour you want?
Well, we have got you sorted.
We have put together a dictionary, if you will, of hairdressing lingo terms you can brush up on before your next appointment, so you cam keep up with your stylist.
Dusting: a cutting technique used to trim your split ends but maintain the length.

Gloss: A hair treatment that will enhance shine and colour.

Levels: A ranking system for hair colour. The system is made up of 10 levels, 1 being the darkest, 10 being the lightest.

Lift: the lightening process, "lifting" the hair colour.

Texturise: Hair cutting techniques to introduce movement to the hair style.

Remove the weight: If you want to remove bulk from the hair style without losing length.

Lowlights: The opposite of highlights. Darker pieces that generally sit underneath. Can help break up a solid look.

Babylights: Placed around the hairline and the part - subtle highlights good for fine hair.
Balayage: Sweeping highlighting technique.

Ombre: Darker roots that gradually fade to lighter ends.

Base colour: The colour at the root.

Colour correction: Removing or blending unwanted colour results.

Razoring: Thinning method that creates texture.

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