Let’s talk about curtain fringes

Curtain fringes = the trend that seems to withstand the test of time.
Probably most of us have experimented with curtain fringes in one way or another across the years - and with them retaining their prominence, and becoming even more of a thing, we thought we’d give a break down of curtain fringe care.
So, the 411.
1. Curtain fringes are best suited to medium to long hair, with straight to wavy hair. If you have a cowlick, often curtain fringes don’t quite work without heavy maintenance.
2. Curtain fringes need regular trims to keep from becoming unruly. That would be every 6 weeks or so.
3. Styling a curtain fringe just became a little more easy thanks to the blow-dry brush (See: Mermade) - we recommend wrapping the hair in the blow-dry brush or round brush away from the face, outwards, then ruffle it up and let it settle. We also like the throw in a bit of volumising powder for extra hold and bounce.

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