Let's talk about cruelty free/vegan products

If you're jumping on the ever expanding bandwagon that is vegan, you'll no doubt be keen to extend your hand to cruelty free beauty and hair brands and products.
And we'll tell you something super exciting: There are plenty!
Many companies are focusing on an animal friendly approach to hair care in this day and age. Let's have a look at some of these brands that are leading the way.
De Lorenzo
Aussie's De Lorenzo hair care is one of our best selling brands here at Hair Gang. Their products achieve infallible results, whether you're cleaning or styling your hair. And guess what? They're all natural, and all vegan.
NAK Hair
Natural, vegan, beautiful packaging, great products. Aussie brand NAK hair prides itself on cruelty free products, infused with natural extractions. NAK offers shampoos and conditioners tailored to your hair needs - whether you're a cool blonde or looking to add more volume to your hair. They also have a nifty thermal protection spray and a host of natural styling products.
nak fixation
Everescents Organic Hair Care
As the name suggests, these guys are an organic hair care company, with all products treated with natural essential oils. Completely vegan and cruelty free, you can bet your bottom dollar Everescents will not only give your hair the nourishment and shine it needs, but will do so completely naturally.
deep treatment
Further abroad, this Italian based brand prides itself on its completely vegan range. Alfaparf has won awards for its exceptional products, and offers everything from anti-yellow treatments through to smoothing cleanser and conditioner combos.
Cruelty free is the name of the game for RPR, an Australian owned and operated brand that boasts an environmentally friendly product range with a focus on sustainable packaging. 
Vegan hair products are the name of the game for Juuce, which offers a huge range of hair care products for all shapes and sizes.
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