Let's talk about how to curl your hair with a straightener

For many of you out there, this may seem like a rather basic and easy beauty hack - curling your hair with a straightener.
But for others out there, it's not as simple as all that.
So in this article, we will go through a step-by-step on the techniques you can use to get those waves only your hairdressers seems to know how to master on you.
Step 1. Make sure your hair is dry
Like, duh, but also just in case, we'd rather be safe than sorry. Also spritz your hair with some heat protectant for the love of your hair! We love De Lorenzo's Defence Extinguish.
Step 2. Prep
Plug in and turn on your straightener. (Or maybe you need to get yourself one! We have just what you need... GHD Professional Styler.
Brush you're hair so it's nice and smooth.
Step 3. Let's curl
Take a small section of your hair.
Grab your straightener, clamp down on the straightener is diagonally down.
Start to pull and rotate the clamp away from your face, and continue to pull at the same angle.
curl with straightener
Let the hair pop back into a ringlet and set it by twisting it again with your fingers.
The faster you move the straightener through your hair, the more loose your curl will be. The slower, the tighter.
Always rotate your curls away from your face.
Step 4. Style
Rake through your curls with your fingers or a brush - we recommend the Ultimate Styler by Tangle Teezer. Then spritz your hair with a hair spray for hold... Enter Nak's Fixation Finishing Spray
Step 5. Get it, girl
Go and stop traffic with your bangin' curls you gorgeous creature.

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