Low maintenance haircuts for the stylish lazy girl

caramel highlights
So you want a new hair colour, but you're just not sure you can afford the time, money or patience for regular colour appointments every 6-8 weeks?
We have good news - you can have your cake and eat it, too.
What if we told you that there are certain hair colours you can opt for that won't break the bank?
You'd be psyched.
Let's take a look at some of the different low maintenance hair colours you can achieve with minimal maintenance.
Chestnut brown
A warmer shade of brown, from a deeper, red based brown, to lighter and more golden.
chestnut brown
Ombre Balayage
Highlights through the mid lengths and ends gives the effect of sun kissed highlights and will just grow with your hair.
Baby lights
Teeny, subtle highlights pieced throughout the hair to gain dimension but keeping it natural.
baby lights
Face Framing Highlights
Highlights framing the face, but staying away from the top of the head can add dimension while maintaining a natural, low maintenance look.
face framing highlights
Caramel Highlights
Caramel tones for darker hair are a low maintenance option - but less is more.
caramel highlights

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