Please give a warm welcome back to the Marilyn Monroe bob

monroe bob
Did you ever look at photos of Marilyn Monroe, specifically at her hair, and think "how on Earth did they achieve that look?".
I did.
Turns out, it starts with a hair cut.
monroe bob
And this Monroe hair cut is making its way back into the trend stream.
There may be a little bit of thanks to pay to the new Netflix movie Blonde about Monroe. Fans are taking to social media with beauty tutorials and "Monroecore", showing off how to achieve Monroe's signature hair and makeup looks.
Taking things to the next level, the Monroe bob hair cut is a slightly less "polished", messy and textured look.
monroe bob
If you're trying to get a bit of a Marilyn vibe going with your hair, a shorter cut will help tighten your curl.
The best way to style it is to use the pin curl technique or some hot rollers.
Here's the master, Chris Appleton showing us how to nail the look.
@chrisappletonhair Modern day Marilyn Monroe hairstyle #hair #shorthair ##voloume Kilikita ♬ Golden - Harry Styles
And another style tutorial doing the rounds on TikTok...

Marilyn Monroe hairstyle

♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) - Cardi B

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