Scalp Care 101

Are your strands starting to thin out, maybe your scalp is extra sensitive, or you're suffering some dandruff? If that is a reluctant YES, we can only imagine what that feels like, but we are here to help!⁠

First, let's start by filling you in on what could be causing the issue. In short, scalp build-up can have a big effect on scalp irritation, oily hair, and sensitivity. Unfortunately, it can also lead to much deeper issues including, hair loss. If left untreated, dead skin, oil, product build-up, and sweat can clog your hair follicles and eventually lead to permanent hair loss. ⁠


Here at Hair Gang HQ, we know the impact that scalp issues can have on your mental health and overall confidence that is why we have a range of products available to help you get your hair to a healthy and happy state!


 Our newest member of the Hair Gang family, is Nioxin! A hair care range that uses advanced technologies to help create thicker and fuller looking hair for those with light or progressively reduced hair growth. To celebrate, we are offering 10% off this range until 19.05.2021, with the Code: NIOXIN10 . Apply at the check out to claim. Discover the range here.


Let us introduce you to the Delorenzo Tricho Range, created for the treatment of scalp concerns because let’s face it, 1 in 3 of us experience dandruff, psoriasis, itching, redness, and scaling (ouch!). The Tricho Series product range has been carefully curated with a sophisticated blend of certified organic ingredients, free from Petrochemicals and SLS that can irritate sensitive scalps. Did we also mention the range is available in three different variants? It has products for dry scalps, oily scalps, or very sensitive scalps.


Soothing, cleansing, and relieving. Davroe has designed a range to soothe your itchy scalp with the assistance of aloe vera to revive your scalp and clear dandruff. Due to the carefully curated formula including all-natural ingredients, this product range is perfect for those with highly sensitive and reactive skin types. Featuring; a shampoo, conditioner, and lotion spray. You’re now only three products away from having nourished and healthy scalp/hair.


Meet the TeaTree Scalp Care range by Paul Mitchell, designed for anti-thinning and will help remove any unwanted build-up that could be causing your hair loss. It won't bring your hair back, but it will help your remaining stands feel fuller, stronger, and healthier.⁠ Discover the shampoo, conditioner, and tonic spray


Especially designed for men, American Crew has designed varied products to help with excess oil, a flaky scalp, and hair loss. In particular, the Fortifying range is designed to improve hair volume, making the hair feel stronger, thicker, and prevent breakage. Say goodbye to hair loss with the Fortifying shampoo and scalp treatment


Nak has a scalp to hair range that is scientifically formulated to cleanse, detoxify the scalp and hair while eliminating environmental residue, assisting with the removal of DHT and build up from styling products, protecting chemically treated fine thinning hair. Discover the Nak Scalp to Hair range: Revitalise, EnergiseFollicle Treatment.


We hope these product recommendations can help you achieve a healthy and happy scalp. We have created a collection exclusively for those with scalp issues, shop the collection here

Enjoy, love the Hair Gang Team xo

*Please note - of course, there can be other factors that can lead to hair loss, and if this is of great concern to you, we recommend seeing a specialist.



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