Side fringes are back in 2023

If you're 30+, you've got at least one photo from 2006/2007 at a festival or party rocking a side fringe... And when you look at the photo you're like "Oh my god what where we thinking!?".
Alas, your side fringe of the early 00's is now back in style, so you can look back with pride.
As with all trends at the moment, everything that old is new again.
Although in 2023, we call them "side-swept bangs".
Bella Hadid, most recently, has been snapped rocking "side bangs", which is sure to trigger a world-wide influx of requests at the hairdressers.
Side fringes are a good way to go if you have a natural side part, or a cowlick...
I, personally, have been attempted to rock the curtain bangs, and due to my annoyingly left of centre part end up with a side fringe anyway, so this trend is music to my strands...
side fringe
Note: Not me. Just a good lookin' lass rocking some modern side bangs.
side fringe
A bit of a chunkier side fringe situation.

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