Spring 2023's biggest haircut trends

Let's give a warm welcome (back) to SPRING!
Warmer weather, lighter hair, florals...
(For Spring? Ground-breaking.)
With the change in season, we are also welcoming some banging new haircut trends set to grace salons across Australia.
Let's take a look.
The 90's supermodel cut
90s supermodel cut
Unleash your inner Cindy Crawford with another 90's resurgence. 
We're talking layers, styled with a bouncy blow out. Face framing layers, lots of volume. 
Style your cut: Grab yourself the Bondi Boost Blow Out Brush for that full, 90's blow out look. Achieve extra volume with NAK Hair Volume Foam.
The shaggy pixie
Shaggy pixie
 If you're looking to make Spring 2023 your low maintenance hair phase, opt for a shaggy pixie. 
Style your cut: All you'd need is a texture and/or pomade, like Modern Pirate Sea Salt Creme Pomade.
Textured lob
textred lob
Not like the lob ever went out of favour! Making waves this season with texture to add movement. This haircut suits everyone!
Style your cut: This is a good style to add a cute wave. Grab the Mermade Rotating Curling Wand and some NAK Hair Dry Texture Spray for a timeless, textured vibe.
The blunt bob with a curtain fringe
blunt bob with curtain bangs
We said it earlier this year and we'll say it again: The bob in 2023 is THE haircut! Spring's take on the bob? Blunt with bangs.
Style your cut: Take your Bondi Boost Clever Curler and throw in some soft waves. Brush the waves out using your Tangle Teezer Ultimate Styler Brush, and finish off the look with some Davroe Cloud Volumising Texture Powder for volume and texture.
Birkin bangs
birkin bangs
Jane Birkin bangs... An eyebrow length, blunt fringe with thinner ends. Thanks to stars like Jenna Ortega, they're making a comeback.
Style your cut: This style looks best thin and straight. So grab a flat iron like the MUK Style Stick to achieve that sleek, flat look.

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