The 2023 hair trend buzz word: RICH

Rich colour is the name of the game for 2023.
The forecast for 2023? Make-a-statement hair using rich and warm tones.
The colours predicted to be everywhere in 2023:

cinnamon brunette

Not quite wanting to commit to copper, a cinnamon tinge might be right for you!
An amalgamation of brown and red, consider this brunette with a warm, natural undertone.


Beige blonde
Taking lived in blonde to a whole new, easier to maintain level

rich brunette

Rich brunette
A few subtle highlights to add dimension and shine to rich, chocolate brown? Yas.


Taking copper up a notch: Redhead
Red-violet undertones, glamorous, but far from a natural vibe


Platinum is making a comeback after taking a hiatus during the pandemic. Obviously one of the more high maintenance looks, experts suggest that you can play with the different tones platinum can produce - "it's not just about being white blonde".

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