The best bond builders for strong hair

If weak hair and breakage is the bane of your hair's existence, you're in luck.
What you need is a bond builder, and boy oh boy, we've got plenty of them.
Bond builders come in the form of shampoos all the way through to masks, and are designed to repair the bonds or polypeptide chains inside the hair.
Bond builders will assist to strengthen the chemical makeup of your hair from the inside.
So now that we've got that out of the way, let's look at the best bond builders to use to get strong, shiny hair!
Designed as a leave in mask, this magic elixir is laced with bioactive peptides to repair battered, damaged hair.
Davroe's Fortitude range hones in specifically on strengthening the hair. The range includes a "bond building elixir" as well as shampoo and conditioner.
davroe fortitude
Restore hydration, shine and strength to dry or damaged hair with Redken's Acidic Bonding Concentrate collection.
The Goldwell Bond Pro series includes MicroPROtec complex for instant care, while also ensuring your colour doesn't fade.
goldwell bond pro
An advanced treatment featuring bond-building technology designed to rescue and repair hair from the inside out.
structure complex NAK
Hair is left revitalised with strength, smoothness and manageability. Improves every strand while maintaining hair's resilience.
matrix rebond preconditioner

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