The Best Products for a Healthy and Happy Scalp

If you notice dry and dull hair, you may have problems with your scalp but calm down because these products will set you up for success and happy scalp

When we talk about hair, we all have our own beauty-dramas. The greasy roots, dry hair, the split ends, the colour… Maintaining a beautiful hair according to our taste and style is usually a non-easy-task but if there is something that we need to look after and take care of, is our scalp as well.

The scalp is the skin on which the hair is anchored. Which means that without a healthy scalp we can’t have healthy hair. We should treat the scalp the same way we treat the skin, as a healthy scalp is the base of beautiful hair and also the other way around. Scalp problems can lead to itching, peeling, and even hair loss. Therefore, it is necessary to use specific products for hair and scalp that work together and enhance the results of one and the other. A range that comes to mind is Delorenzo Tricho Scalp Range. 

Delorenzo Tricho Scalp Range 

De Lorenzo’s Tricho Series is a program of intense treatment products for hair and scalp concerns focusing on improving conditions like dandruff, itchiness, redness and scaling. Offering a simple yet gentle solution by giving nature a helping hand.

The Tricho Series come in three different ranges; Tricho Scalp Balance, Tricho Scalp Control and Tricho Sensitive all free from Petrochemicals and SLS that can cause irritation to sensitive scalps.

Shop the range here.

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