We tested these three TikTok hair hacks and here's what happened

The world of hair and beauty has been forever turned on its head by the invention of TikTok.
Trends are a dime a dozen now thanks to influencers across the globe, showcasing the results of their silky, styled hair and smooth skin after using techniques they've learned online.
So, with that... What are some of these trends, and is it worth giving them a crack?
Well, we trialled three of 2022's biggest hair styling hacks so that you don't have to... Is it worth giving them a crack yourself? Here's our verdict:
Braid your slightly damp hair with a dressing gown tie and sleep with it on, and wake up with bouncy, voluminous curls, sans the heat damage!
Worth it? Totes.
Except be prepared for a below par night's sleep. 
Also we recommend adding some styling products in your hair once you've removed the tie, otherwise the style can lack volume.
@skyemareewheatley Do we need a slower tutorial 😂🥵🤷‍♀️ #heatlesscurls #heatlesscurlsovernight #tutorial #howtohair ♬ IN MY HEAD - Shanna Hustle
 As it happens, there's a few different methods for this hack. I tried both of them, and found this one works better, and it's more straight forward to master:
@amberrosepeakehair Trying out the volume hack from @whatlydialikes this one is so good!!! 💗 #volumehack #ponytailhack #hairtutorial ♬ original sound - Ian Asher
 But you can always give this one a crack and see if it works for you, but I found the hair breaks apart and you can see the claw clip as plain as day:


@amberrosepeakehair Love this volume hair hack so much! #volumehack #ponytailhack #barbieponytail ♬ Remember - Acoustic / Sped Up - Becky Hill & Speed Radio
 TREND #3 Half voluminous pony with claw clip hack
If you can make this work, you deserve a medal. It looks damn good but it's not as easy as it looks. If you're going to give it a crack, I recommend a smaller claw clip:


@taylor_pfeffer Summer Hairstyle💗✨ a claw clip hack to give some extra volume🥰 #taylorxhairstyles #summerhairstyles #easyhairstyles #hairtok #summer2022 #clawclip #clawcliphack #longhairstyles #hairstyles ♬ original sound - nightcore

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