The curly girl method is a must

The curly girl method is the best thing to happen to curls since... Well, sliced bread... (you must have been eating your crusts).
So what exactly IS this process? And is it something you can do at home?
Short answer. YES.
This process basically involves a number of treatment steps you take on those curls to get them glowing again, at every wash.
It's a method that transforms curls with some basic steps to take when you wash your deliciously curly locks.

The "reset".
Wash your hair. Best to use a sulfate shampoo that can strip the product build up.

Cleanse those curls. Recommended: A co-wash or sulfate free shampoo like the Clever Curl Cleanser. Give your scalp a good old massage for around one minute before the big rinse.

This is "squish to condish" time. Literally squish handfuls of conditioner (Clever Curl Rich Conditioner is a winner) through your hair until it's fully saturated (should feel slimy) - then use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to detangle your locks.
Rinse out most of the conditioner - but not all of it.

Style time.
Squish a palmful of styling gel - [SEE: Clever Curl Wonderfoam] - through your hair should be sopping wet.

Dry me a river.
The best way to dry your hair is to air-dry it. THAT said, if you're time poor or living through a frosty winter, you may need to use a microfibre type towel to soak up the excess water. Literally scrunch your hair with the towel. Once dry, scrunch your hair a bit to loose the styling product build up.

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