The hottest hair trends for 2022

Yep. 2022. We have arrived. There are no flying cars, there's no teleportation devices... BUT there are some FABULOUS hair trends. Here's what we can expect:

The mid-length bob

That's right. Forget the lob, leave aside the super short bob. 2022 is all about a mid-length bob that grazes the jawline. 

midlength bob

Super fun colours

Is there anything more fun than bright coloured hair? We are ALL. 'BOUT. IT. Here's a gorgeous gal rockin' pink curls. What a vibe.

pink curls
Image: Instagram | @pipsqueekinsaigon

Warm tones

Put aside the purple shampoo. Say goodbye to the ash tones. See ya later silver. 2022 is bringing back the honey, the copper, the gold and the bronze. Much like this warm balayage baby.

Cruella inspired block colours

Cruella left behind a legacy. Block colours. For a pop of contrast, stand out with this light/dark combo.

block colours

The shag lives on!

We're not done with the shag yet, folks. 2022 is extending the lease on this hairstyle that has simply taken the world by storm. Tempted yet?!

the shag

90s layers

The stars are out in force rocking the 90s layers. Think Liv Tyler in Empire Records. Think Jennifer Aniston in the early seasons of friends. Welcome back girl.

90s layers

One dimensional colour

2022 is welcoming the block colours. No more highlights and texture, but more shine with a nice one dimensional tone all over. Exhibit A:

One dimensional colour

The blunt fringe

A good set of bangs never goes out of style. The blunt fringe will be 2022's fav.

Blunt fringe

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