The optimal temperature for heat styling your hair

Heat is no good for your hair! That's the resounding message we here from the experts. 

Do you approach heat styling with trepidation now thanks to the anxiety these warnings provoke?!

Well, you need not stress. There is an optimal temperature you can use for your hair straighteners and curling tongs to suit your hair and style it without the damage. 

The best temperature to set your styling tool depends on the type of hair you have.

Generally, it is recommended to use a lower temperature on fine or damaged hair, and a higher temperature on thick or healthy hair.

Here are the general guidelines:

  • Fine or damaged hair: 120-150°C
  • Medium or wavy hair: 150-180°C
  • Thick or curly hair: 180-200°C

As always, use a heat protectant (Oh hi there: Affinage Thermal Protect) on your hair before styling with heat tools, to help protect it from damage. 

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