The 7 best hairsprays and how to use them

Hairsprays ain't hairsprays, folks. 
It's not quite that simple.
So, to make life super easy for you, we'll give you a rundown of the best hairsprays for what you're look you're trying to achieve and what type of hair you have.
This bad boy will provide excellent control without weighing down the hair... It's not tacky, which means you can reshape and use frequently between washes.
Lightweight and humidity resistant, this hairspray is perfect for any hair type. Will give a natural finish. Rather popular this one is.
Sulphate free, paraben free and workable. This is the type of hairspray that will provide strong styling support for a long lasting finish and will brush out without flaking.
As the name suggests, this hairspray will give you flexible hold... Without weighing down the hair! Will maintain a nice, shiny but natural look. 
Strong hold AND flexible. Ooft.
If you're looking for volume and hold for any hair style WHILE enhancing shine, this one's for you.
If you're looking to maintain a soft look with max hold, look no further. This one also happens to be great for both working and finishing. And an added bonus: it won't strip the hair of its natural moisture balance.
 Anti-frizz hairspray that provides ULTIMATE strength? Yup. These are the big guns. Will provide 24-hour humidity resistance and eight hour control, as well as vitamins to protect the hair from colour fade.

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