These hair trends are having a moment

Ooooh we are suckers for a good hair trend.
You’ve probably noticed a few of these out and about on various super stars and influencers - there’s definitely a few in here you could try yourself… So what are you waiting for?!
Let’s do this.

Braided intentionals
Oh this is EVERYWHERE at the moment and we are ALL. ABOUT. IT.
Throw a pair of plaited intentionals in with some mermaid waves and a touch of blue eye shadow (IKR) and you could paint the town red.

Look, it’s not like fringes (or ‘BANGS’) every really go out of fashion.
At the moment, we’re seeing a bit of an appetite for the good ol’ curtain bangs. But if you have a cow lick or a part that just doesn’t want to sit in the mid, you could always try the sweeping side bangs, which are having a mo.

The WET look
Perhaps a sleek black dress and a wet, slicked back look might make you feel a little like a Hollywood glam star.

The Blow Out
Yep, this bad boy shows no signs of slowing down, and we are A-O-K with that. Don’t have a Mermade blow-dry brush yet? Snag one here and make this look super easy for yourself.

Half up half down
You can thank J Lo and Ariana for this trend. A sleek, tight, high half pony and flowing locks?
We are all in baby.

Copper hair ain’t goin’ anywhere
If you’re looking for sign to jump on this bandwagon… THIS IS IT.

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