TikTok trend alert: TANTOURING

So you're into contouring, you're into tanning...
Well, tantouring is the love child of said beauty techniques.
The TikTok trend is not for the faint of heart, nor the unsteady of hand... Precision is key here, folks.
Tantouring is literally as it sounds - using tan to contour. Using your fake tan of choice, apply it as you would your usual contouring makeup.
The results?
It'll give you extra definition, looks more natural than a tan ALL over your face AND it'll last longer than the ol' wash off bronzer.
Before you do test out this trick, make sure your face is prepped and clean.
Then, use your choice of tan - we love the Vani-T Activate Express Tanning Mousse, or Vani-T Noir Uber Dark Express Self Tan, and using a beauty blender or contour brush, pop a dollop of tan onto the tool.
Apply to the facial contours (cheekbone, jawline and temples).
Obvi the longer you leave it before washing it off, the darker it'll go. 
Here's a little tutorial...
@tattylomas It’s a GENRE ✨ #itsagenre #tantour #tantouring ♬ Janrah - $avannah Hannah

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