Too scared to go copper? Introducing: Crunette

Before we get started, I think it might be best to reflect on the copper trend.
Starting around middle of 2022, the copper hair colour trend has been taking over - you can thank Kendall Jenner for that.
kendall jenner copper hair
Some new super star is going copper every day, but also, so are the daring girls in your very own neighbourhood… And for good reason.
So if you think copper is going away, think again.
The act of going copper is quite a commitment. It needs regular trips to the salon - and if you’re darker in colour, you’ll have to bleach before your copper goes in.
If you’re up for it, or you’ve just gone copper and you’re wanting more info - head to this article I wrote on how to care for your copper hair.
Anyways, this one is for the guys and gals who LOVE the copper trend, but are more interested in a subtle “nod” to the trend, rather than the vivid or bold colour.
In which case, may we introduce you to CRUNETTE.
Copper + Brunette = Crunette.
While it might sound like a darker colour, we can assure you the result is actually quite brighter. It is a warm, rich and lighter shade of brunette with sort of caramels and honey.
Yum, sounds like a tasty dessert.
Anyway enough talk, let’s look at some examples.
If you’re game to get around the crunette hair trend, you’ll want to make sure you’re caring for your colour with a shampoo and conditioner like Redken Colour Extend Magnetics.

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