Top 5 Reasons You Need to Ditch Your Current Conditioner for EverEscents

Are you still using hair care products off the supermarket shelf? There are so many reasons to try something different, and we’re here to tell you about them.
To look after your hair properly, nasty chemicals aren’t the answer. Instead, you can achieve better results, better health, and reduce your impact on the environment by choosing a brand like EverEscents. They champion the natural and organic cause for hair care.
Here are 5 of the main reasons you should throw out those harmful supermarket brands and give EverEscents a try.

Vegan Friendly

EverEscents shampoo is proudly vegan friendly, with none of their products being tested on animals. However, it’s a sad fact that many brands, even world-leading brands, are still engaged in the practice of trying their products on animals.
EverEscents refuses to do this, and they remain certified Cruelty Free. So, if you’re vegan and find it difficult to source ethical hair care brands that also leave your hair clean, vibrant, and healthy, it’s time to make the switch.

Certified Natural and Organic

More and more people are looking for certified natural and organics in all parts of their life. From cleaning products to skincare, people want to make choices that are less harmful to the environment.
All EverEscents shampoos and conditioners contain a minimum of 75% and a maximum of 96% certified organic products. Most actually have 100% naturally derived products.
Regular shampoo and conditioning products are full of harmful chemicals, which can be bad for your skin, your health, and, of course, the environment. After leaving the bottle, those chemicals go straight back into the atmosphere, which EverEscents wants to avoid.

Better For Your Skin

Because of all those harmful chemicals in regular shampoo, many people experience skin irritation.
Those brands might make your hair temporarily look great, but they do untold damage to your skin. If you have scalp or skin issues already, it’s time to stop using chemicals and choose a natural, organic alternative.

Australian Made

Everybody loves supporting Australian-made, which is why you should give EverEscents a try. The company is wholly Australian-owned and operated. In addition, all of the products are made right here in Australia. Even the bottles and labels are made locally!

Ethical And Sustainable Brand 

The EverEscents brand is all about sustainability. If you want to support a company that does the right thing by the environment, it’s a good reason to make the switch.
Aside from making natural, organic, and cruelty-free products, EverEscents is committed to being ethical and sustainable in everything they do. They’re carbon-friendly, and even their packaging is refillable and recyclable.

Get your EverEscents Hair Care Products Today.

There are so many reasons to go organic and choose EverEscents over other chemical-filled brands.
It’s not just good for your body and the environment. The brand outperforms many of its competitors, leaving your hair healthy, beautiful, and chemical-free. So if you want to say no to harmful chemicals, check out the EverEscents range today.


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