Vani-T Australia has landed at Hair Gang HQ



We're excited to announce that Vani-T Australia has now landed at Hair Gang HQ. This incredible range consists of high performing tanning, makeup, and wellness products, designed to fit into your lifestyle with ease. 

And how could we forget that this ⁠this award-winning brand is 100% vegan, and cruelty-free! 

Looking after our body from the inside out is a notation that most have adapted into their everyday routine. Vani-T is a brand that has encouraged all to feel and look their best all the time.

Lumiere Collagen Beauty Peptides:

Made from 100% Pure Collagen, this baby is the most advanced and effective bioavailable collagen on the market. Dramatically improving skin, hair, and nail health in as little as 30 days. Some additional benefits include fighting the signs of aging, assisting with gut health, wrinkles and fine lines, cellulite, stretch marks, and more.

This miracle wonder is easy to take and can be implemented into your morning routine. Take up to 10g daily with water, coffee, smoothies or use in baking or cooking. Shop here.


Luxe Elixer Face Oil:
Skincare that helps fight the signs of aging; now that’s something we like the sound of! The Vani-T Luxe Elixir is a vitamin-rich 2 in 1 skin-enhancing face oil and primer suitable for all skin types - making it an ideal product to slip into your skin routine before your foundation. The formula uses luxurious oils along with anti-aging and brightening active ingredients to create a youthful, dewy and radiant complexion.

Some of the noticeable results include, firmer and plump skin, a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improved radiance and even an skin tone. Shop here.

In winter a good tan can lift our moods and give us that inspiring natural glow without those nasty sun rays. Vani-T has thought of it all when it comes to tanning, with six options ranging from a tanning mousse, tanning drops, and a gradual tan in a cream or mousse consistency. Whether you’re after a subtle hint of a bronzing glow or you’re wanting something more striking than you can’t go past this iconic range, offering only the best faux results.


Instant Tan
For an instant refreshing tanning experience, we have put together some notes to help you decide which Express Tan suits your bronzing needs. All with a beautiful aromatherapy scent which will put you in a relaxed mood while tanning - just like a holiday! 

Velocity Express:
Note: An award-winning formula, designed to nourish your skin while leaving behind long lasting just off the beach vibes.
Colour: Chocolate base for all skin tones
Results: Leave on for 1 hour (light), 2-4 hours (medium), 4-6 hours (dark), 8 hours (ultra-dark). Shop here.

Activate Express:
Note: If you like to keep active this formula will allow you to work up a sweat without the thought of destroying your bronzing glory
Colour: Chocolate base for all skin tones
Results: Leave on for 1 hour (light), 2-4 hours (medium), 4-6 hours (dark), 8 hours (ultra-dark). Shop here.

Fusion Express:
Note: Enriched with Skin Fusion technology, this unique formula acts as a magnet for an unforgettable long-lasting colour that guarantees the perfect fade.
Colour: Red base for a sun-kissed, Mediterranean tan.
Results: Leave on for 1 hours (light), 2-4 hours (medium), 4-6 hours (dark), 8 hours (ultra-dark). Shop here.

Illumin8:  Dry Oil Express:
Note: Your skin will be taken to a new level with Illumin8 an ultra-hydrating formula enriched with 8 botanicals, giving new radiant life to your complexion.  
Colour: Chocolate base for all skin tones
Results: Leave on for 1 hour (light), 2-4 hours (medium), 4-6 hours (dark), 8 hours (ultra-dark). Shop here.


Gradual Tan
Bronzing Custard
For a consistent full-body experience that gradually lifts your colour tone, while firming the skin, you can’t go past the creamy Vani-T Bronzing Custard. This delicious moisturiser is the perfect package of sunshine in a bottle allowing your natural glow to beam. In a non-greasy formula, it is enriched with natural botanical oils, hydrating fruit extracts, and concentrated antioxidants and vitamins. Shop here.

Tint +Tone Gradual Self Tan Mousse
If a mousse is more your cup of tea the Tint + Tone Gradual Self Tan Mousse is your go-to. A velvety foam texture, this one-stop product allows you to take control of your coverage and colour. The perfect violet base that neutralises unwanted yellow or orange undertones. You’re left with nothing but a rich even tan that builds with time. Shop here.

Make Up
Long gone are the days of caked-on foundation and powder blue eyeshadow, which I think we can all agree that we’re all glad to see these are trends of the past. Now it is all about the minimalistic look that emphasises our natural beauty and natural ingredients. The Vani-T make-up range has just that! 

Whether you love the complete no-makeup look or the appearance of defined flawless skin, Vani-T have you covered with their liquid or powder foundation. Both are available in 12 unique shades for light, medium and dark skin tones.


Vani-T Skin Perfecter HD Serum Liquid Foundation:

No need for filters when it comes to this glorious formula, designed to smooth out the appearance of pores to build a medium coverage. Containing nothing but the goodness of thoughtful ingredients including Vitamins, UV-Filter for sensitive skin, and antioxidants. Unlike other foundations, this one feels weightless and offers long wearing coverage resistant to sweat and humidity. Now that’s what we like to hear! Shop here.

Vani-T Mineral Powder Foundation:
For a simple easy application, the weightless mineral powder is a quick go-to for a flawless finish. The light texture allows your skin to breath while providing you anti-aging benefits. The unique SPF15+ formula helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, while adjusting to any unwanted undertones within your natural complexion. Shop here.

Taking the look to the next level….

Nude Eyeshadow Pallet:

When we think of nude eyeshadow, colours of beige, soft caramel, and champagne come to mind, while for those who like to take it a little further think blends of walnut, muted tones of red, and of course some shimmer. This pallet consists of just those ideas with 12 buttery pigmented shades designed to create endless looks, taking you from daytime sweetheart to moody night glam in moments. Shop here.

Your cheekbones never looked so good. This mineral bronzer in a shimmer-free brown hue which leaves your complexion feeling light and sun-kissed. This compact is super versatile and can be used to highlight your brows and eyelids for a bolder look. Shop here.

Finish your look off with the Fibre Lash Mascara Extension Kit or the Magnetic lash kit in Luxe or Natural. Instantly boost your lash game with either the natural mascara or faux magnetic lashes; both are easy to apply and provide a clump-free envious length and result.

There is much more to Vani-T than meets the eye and we certainly could mention all their amazing products, so we do invite you to explore their full collection here.

 Enjoy, love the Hair Gang Team xo

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