Water temperature could be ruining your hair


washing hair
Well, think about it.
Hair professionals bang on about heat damage, right? - Always use a heat protectant in your hair before styling, avoid too much heat on your hair, etc etc etc.
So, one may not be quite as surprised to learn that water that is too hot while you're washing your hair could be the cause of some pesky damage and breakage.
Water that is too hot can also strip the hair of its natural oils, which can lead to a dry, itchy scalp, and can impact hair growth.
But don't go having a cold shower just yet... There's some negative impacts to cold water on the hair too!
Cold water can decrease hair volume, retain moisture for a greasier looking head of hair.
And let's be honest, a cold shower on your head ain't really the relaxing shower you were hanging out for.
So what's the solution?
A lukewarm shower, around 38 degrees.
Go forth and shower, my pretties!

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