How to use Clever Curl at home

Clever Curl products are formulated to enhance naturally curly hair, as inspired by the curly girl method.
Clever Curl's goal is to help people embrace their naturally textured hair with these cruelty free, vegan sulphate and silicone-free products.
Want to maximise your curl products?
Here are some tips to help you make the most of your Clever Curl products at home:

Squishing Technique 

When applying Clever Curl conditioner on wet hair, try this gentle squeezing movement with your hands.
It helps push the product into your hair cuticle and ensures every curl gets completely hydrated. 
The squishing will also help activate your curls.
You can also use a brush to distribute the Clever Curl conditioner throughout your hair.
Once you feel your hair has absorbed the Clever Curl products, you can rinse it with warm water.

Praying Hands

Curl cream is your go-to for styling curls.
Always remember, as with any curl product - go gently when applying!
One of the most popular techniques is praying hands.
Distribute the Clever Curl product across the palms of your hands.
Then, you take a section of your hair and put it between both hands.
Move your hands from the top of your hair down to the ends in a praying motion. This will help distribute the Clever Curl styling products evenly on the hair.
You can also use the scrunching technique here. It will encourage the building of stronger, bouncier curls.
curly girl

Scrunch Out Dried Gel

Once the Clever Curl gel dries your hair, it will feel crunchy. To get the fluffiness you want, scrunch out your hair. This means squeezing the curls with your hands.
This motion will help break the crunchiness of the gel and remove any residual of the Clever Curl products, revealing soft curls.
To help your hair dry faster, you can attach a diffuser to your blow dryer. Set the dryer on low heat and dry your hair.
After the hair dries, do NOT use any brushes or combs - that'll ruin the look you've just achieved.

Refresh Spray

Curly hair should not be washed every day, as you probably know.
However, your locks might need some refreshment to bring the curls back to life.
You can make your refreshing spray using Clever Curl products.
Add water and a little Clever Curl cream to a spray bottle. 
Get the bouncy, soft curls you have always dreamed of. Order Clever Curl products now!

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