What are hair bonds and do I need to repair mine?

Bond repair.
Bond Building.
Bond Pro.
So many hair products talk about "bonds"... So are you one of those people who reads this on a product label and thinks "No idea what that is but sounds good"?
You are not alone, friend.
So we are here today to educate you on what EXACTLY a bond is and why you may need a bond promoting hair product.
So, simply put:
Our hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Complex structures of keratin are held together by BONDS.
There are two types of bonds -
1. Hyrdogren - temporary bonds, provide elasticity
2. Disulphide - permanent bonds, make our hair strong
When you have damaged hair, that's because the bonds are broken/brittle/damaged - often this happens because of environmental factors, heat application (curlers, straighteners, etc) and chemicals like bleach.
Sound like your bonds are broken?
We've got many a solution for you.

1. Davroe Fortitude Bond Building Elixir

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