What exactly are parabens?

paraben free
What are parabens? And why do we go to lengths to avoid them?
Let's take a deep dive into this taboo ingredient and clear the air.
Parabens are preservatives, and unless the bottle specifically says paraben free, you're most likely going to have parabens in your haircare products - particularly in any product that is water based.
Essentially, they are used to protect any product against bacteria.
There isn't actually any hard evidence to suggest that parabens are harmful - although it has been shown that they can go through the skin barrier, and there has been traces of parabens found in breast cancer tissue.
Parabens are a controversial ingredient, and a lot of brands have started to omit them from their products.
Here is a list of our fav paraben free products:
For moisture:
everescents moisture
For curls:
curl cleanser
Colour protection
pure colour angel
colour life
For scalp care
peppermint scalp
de lorenzo
For blonde care
nak hair blonde kit
juuce blonde

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