What is a butterfly hair cut?

The butterfly haircut has emerged on the trend scene over the last six months, after it was rocked by one Jennifer Lopez.
Jennifer Lopez Butterfly Hair cut
This layered hairstyle is being touted as the modern take on the 70s shag.
Think feathered ends, with shorter layers on top that are blended into the longer layers at the ends, creating plenty of texture.
butterfly haircut

Who is the butterfly haircut best suited to?

Well look, one might argue that this haircut is for everyone! And they'd be right. BUT it is a great haircut for naturally wavy or curly hair and round face shapes.
butterfly haircut

Is the butterfly haircut high maintenance?

Nope! It's versatile, low-maintenance and fab. The beauty of this haircut is that you can let it dry naturally, add a bit of texture spray - for example - KMS Hair Play Dry Texture - and be on your way!
You can also get a real blow-out look with the butterfly cut, using the Mermade Interchangeable Blow Dry Brush to get some really voluminous bounce and barrel curls.

Don't forget to use heat protection spray, though! This one will do nicely - De Lorenzo Defence Argan Oil

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