What is detox shampoo and do I need it?

An excellent question. You’ve come to the right place.
Detox shampoo and conditioners use naturally detoxifying ingredients to remove the build up of oils, dirt, bacteria and product residue for a healthier scalp and hair. Unclogging the follicles will get rid of itchiness and promote hair growth, rebalancing your hair’s pH.
How do I know if I need to detox my hair and scalp?
If you’re experiencing scalp discomfort - perhaps itching, flaking or stinging, it might be time for a detox. Often blocked pores are the cause of the itching and flaking, redness and pustules. If your hair has lost its shine, has gone dull and limp, it could be a sign that you’re in need of a detox.
How often should I use detox shampoo and conditioner?
Frequency of use really depends on your hair type. Generally, it is recommended to use once per week, particularly if you’re noticing itching and irritation around your scalp.
What’s the difference between clarifying and detox shampoos?
Generally, detox shampoo and conditioner duos use naturally detoxifying ingredients, while clarifying tends to use more synthetic ingredients, which can dry out your hair if you overuse them.
Detoxifying hair care products we recommend:


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