What type of hair mask do you need?

Everybody wants hair that stops traffic… So when it comes to your locks, don’t skimp on a nourishing mask to give your hair what it needs. But how on earth do you figure out which mask is right for you? There are so many on the market, right?!
Never fear! We have the low down for what you need, honey.
I mean, there’s literally no comparison to the QUEEN of hair masks… K18. This bad boy works best for hair that’s had some form of chemical treatment - colour, perm, chemical straightening, etc. Will repair your hair and leave you with a shine you only thought possible in Photoshop.
Got yourself a colour? Metal inside the hair fibre thanks to your colour can cause breakage and alter that beautiful colour you just paid for. L'Oreal's Metal Detox mask will detox your hair from metal, keep any metal out in the future… AND your hair will look and feel delicious.
Damaged hair? Vegan? Environmentally inclined? Have we got the deal for you! Everescents Organic Hair Care's Cinnamon & Patchouli Deep Treatment once a week through your thirsty locks will sort'em right out.
Girl, you don’t need to dream any more. A Curl Can Dream by Matrix Total Results will care for your curls with this rich mask made from Manuka Honey Extract. Moisture your curls didn’t even know was possible.
Got yourself a head of hair that’s starting to feel a bit like straw? Juuce's Moisture Mask will fix that right up for you, with an intense moisture mask botanically boosted to revive and moisturise.
For those blonde babes hanging out to ensure there’s no yellow poking through, your L’Oreal Blondifier mask will kick some serious brass, while replenishing and nourishing your thirsty locks.

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