What's the difference between a French bob and a classic bob?

It's no secret that short bobs, blunt bobs and French bobs (oh my!) are back for 2023. We're seeing these styles everywhere from Hailey Bieber through to Zendaya... And we're not mad about it.
With all these new styles making waves all over again, there's often confusion about the difference between them all... Namely, what the difference between a French bob and a classic or blunt bob is.
While these two haircuts may seem similar, there are some key differences that set them apart.
kourtney kardashian bob
The blunt or classic bob is a timeless haircut that features hair cut straight around the head at jaw-length. The cut remains the same length around the base of the hair.
margot robbie bob
This style is typically kept simple and sleek, with no layers or fringes.
The classic bob is versatile and can be worn with straight or wavy hair, and it can be styled with a side or middle part.
Hailey bieber blunt bob
Best style companion for a classic blunt bob: The GHD Original Professional Styler and De Lorenzo's Elements Sandstorm Texture Spray.
french bob
On the other hand, the French bob is a more modern take on the classic bob. This style features hair that is cut shorter in the back and longer in the front, with a gradual slope towards the front.
french bob
The French bob often includes layers and textured ends, which give the style more movement and volume. The bangs in a French bob are typically longer and swept to the side, adding to the overall softness of the look.
french bob
Whether you opt for a classic bob or a French bob, both styles are low-maintenance and easy to style, making them perfect for women who want a chic and sophisticated look without spending hours on their hair.
french bob

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