What's the difference between rich and light conditioner?

rich vs light
You’re on the hunt for a new shampoo and conditioner duo, and perhaps a mask…When you come across a brand that sells a rich conditioner and a light conditioner.
You think… Goodness me, what does that mean?
Well, we’re here to settle the score for you.
Best for fine and/or textured hair, light conditioner is not pumped with a heavy amount of moisture and protein.
Examples of light conditioner or masks:
light conditioner
Rich conditioner is heavy with moisture and protein, designed for those with thicker or more coarse hair. Rich conditioner is designed for those who need a big hydration injection - and don’t let the word “heavy” fool you, most are designed for optimum moisture without weighing the hair down.
Examples of rich conditioner or masks:
rich conditioner

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