What's the difference between texture spray and hair spray?

So you've just finished brushing out your ringlets into a lovely, very on-trend, loose wave.
You want to get a bit more volume and hold through your waves... So what sort of product do you go for?
Texture spray?
Hair spray?
Heck! What's even the difference?
We got you.
textured bob
Texture spray is all about giving your style volume and "texture". One hairdresser describes the idea of texture spray as "airiness". It creates separation between the strands to make the style more voluminous.
Most texture sprays provide a little bit of hold, but not HEAPS.
Our fav textures to try out:
dry texture
Hair spray is all about the hold.
Literally designed with one thing in mind - giving your hairstyle a longer life.
Hair spray can also add volume to your hair, depending on how you use it.
hollywood waves
Our fav textures to try out:

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