Winter haircare 101

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Winter is upon us... Let us prepare.
The cold can be a bit rough on our bodies - less sunlight, dry skin and hair... And, oddly, you can lose more hair during the colder months.
Experts say there's no scientific reason behind Winter hair loss, but anecdotal evidence suggests it is a common symptom of the colder, darker months.
We've put together some answers to Winter haircare FAQs so you know how to look after your precious locks this shiver season.
What should I put in my hair in Winter?
The cold air outside and the warm heating indoors is the perfect environment to dry out your hair. We'd suggest maintaining healthy, hydrated locks by using a hair oil, like L'Oreal's Absolut Repair 10-in-1 Multipurpose Oil, or regular hydrating masks:
washing hair
What can I use for dry hair in Winter?
Like, obviously the above answer will apply to those experiencing dry hair in Winter... Take hydration one step further with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner duo, and make sure you don't over-do the hair washing. Is it Ok to wash your hair once a week in Winter? - Yes. We'd recommend it!
A few hydrating suggestions for dry locks:
Also... Wearing hats can help protect your hair from the elements!
winter hat
How do I keep my scalp healthy in the Winter?
Scalp issues in Winter? You're not alone.
A few tips to help stave off the itch in the cold:
Use a scalp remedy shampoo and conditioner duo like De Lorenzo's Tricho Scalp Balance Kit.
Avoid over washing your hair, as not to strip natural oils.

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